More information about who I am and how I operate.

Electronic Packaging Design

As can be seen in my Resume, I have been doing electronic packaging design, and performing thermal & structural analysis on my own design work, for over 35 years. Before attaining my B.S.M.E. I spent 4+ years in the U.S.A.F. as a mainframe computer technician, and understand a wide range of the details of digital and power electronics. This helps me to understand many of the synergies not only between thermal and structural concerns, but also the EMI, signal integrity and other concerns in the electrical design arena.

CAD Modeling

After over 20 years as an advanced PTC Pro/e (Wildfire, Creo Parametric..) user, I made the switch to SolidWorks in 2014. By leveraging my 20+ years of Pro/E experience with some focused study, my level of expertise with SolidWorks is such that I can model pretty much any desired geometry or assembly construct, with my drawings being accurate and communicating design intent. When it was time to have my own CAD seat in 2016, I purchased SolidWorks Premium with the Simulation Professional FEA add-on.


I have leveraged my FEA skills from ANSYS and Pro/Mechanica, again with some focused study, into a good journeyman skill level with SolidWorks Simulation. I am confident that my analytical results reflect the physics of the problem at hand, with an accuracy suitable to support design, development and testing, and predict or verify risk areas and areas of interest for instrumentation during testing. If you are looking for promises of "art to part" this is not the place; if you want an honest assessment of risk and indicators of areas of concern, that is what I have found FEA to be most suited to.

What Next?

If you would like me to team with you on a project, please use LinkedIn Scott's LinkedIn Page to contact me regarding next steps. I can work 1099 or corp-to-corp, and am flexible wrt your requirements in that area. Billing terms and frequency are driven by project scope, and are open to discussion.