Core Areas of Expertise include:

  1. Electronic Packaging Design
    • System & Module Architectural layout; detail board mechanical, interconnect and enclosure design.
    • Heat sink design or selection with optimizations for air flow resistance, cost, mounting and of course thermal performance.
    • Power sub-system mechanical design for aircraft or spacecraft, including but not limited to magnetics, voltage regulator/rectifiers & I/O fanout. Design considerations include effects of high altitude operation such as corona effect, and reduced cooling from low air density or conduction only in vacuum.
    • Cable design with cost, reproducibility, serviceability and electrical performance considerations for both EMI and signal integrity domains.
    • Mechanical design of PC boards including optimizing structural support for dynamic shock & vibration environments, thermal considerations including heat sink mounting & air flow requirements.
      • Generate board mechanical IDF files for keepin, keepout and other board mechanical geometry features for component, chassis and system fit.
      • Work closed loop with board electrical CAD to ensure routing path requirements are supported by mechanical, and keepout etc. requirements are met by board files through IDF transfers.
    • Enclosure & System design for any environment from commodity commercial to ground mobile to aircraft to orbital or deep space flight, with documentation, producibility & cost considerations from one-off to High Volume Manufacturing.
      • Work with vendor base to ensure cost effective manufacturability.
      • Tolerance loop analysis' for low volume, 6 sigma or other client requirements.
    CAD System: SolidWorks Premium…
  2. Thermal & Structural Analysis of Electronic Systems
    Analysis of electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems for response to thermal and dynamic loading. Analysis performed in support of my design work for optimization, or as an independent review on your existing design.
    • Structural analysis to mitigate shock/vibe risk:
      • Modal analysis at the system level to find resonances which can generate damage under shock or random vibe.
      • Detail stress, deflection, strain analysis at component level when indicated.
    • Thermal analysis at the system level for fan & vent design or to optimize natural convention when applicable.
    • Thermal analysis at the component or sub-system level such as component/heat sink pair for design investigation and/or optimization of component cooling.
    FEA Analysis Tool: SolidWorks Simulation Professional
  3. Project Mechanical Feasibility
    Risk mitigation through system level analysis:
    • System level Thermal and Structural analysis' to verify that a valid solution space exists.
    • Identify risk and suggest areas of focus to mitigate thermal and/or structural risk.
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